📖: Psalm 16:8-11

Confession: Psalm 91

“I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken” (Psalm 16:8).

Let us give thanks to God as we rise up this morning to see another day. It is only by His grace that we are alive. Therefore,  give thanks to Him for His mercy, grace, and blessings that are new every morning. The Lord is our keeper, a shade upon our right hand (Psalm 121:5). He is the God of our salvation who daily loads us with benefits, to sustain us, throughout this week and beyond in all our undertakings, (Psalm 68:19).

Psalm 16:8 says “I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken”. As we start today, let us visualize by faith, God’s presence with us. We shall not be moved by any challenges we might face, rather we will trust and have confidence in God’s plan for us. He will surely keep us safe from the agenda of the wicked, and from any mistakes and errors. No matter the challenges we may face, God has a purpose and plan for each of us this week and beyond; they are for good.

Today and beyond, the mercy of God will open doors that needs to be opened,  connect us to people that will assist us in achieving our plans, and make us to succeed, in Jesus’ name. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, trusting Him by faith, and we shall not be disappointed. For those yet to surrender their lives to Jesus, this is not negotiable, do so now, tomorrow might be too late! DO IT NOW!

PRAY THIS; in the name of Jesus, I repent of my sins, come into my heart and I will make You my Lord and Saviour. Stay connected! Stay focused! Have a blessed week. Shalom!!!


🙏 O God, give me the grace to trust in You, make the Eagle of my destiny, arise, fly, and shine, in the name of Jesus.

🙏 Holy Ghost Fire, this week and beyond, guide me into my breakthrough, in the name of Jesus.

🙏 O God, my Father, establish me in Your power, in the name of Jesus.

🙏 I use the Chariots of Fire of God, to claim and collect my goods presently residing in wrong hands, in the name of Jesus.

🙏 Thank You Lord, for answered prayers,


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