📖: Genesis 26:15-25

A Well is a hole drilled or bored into the eart to obtain natural source of water. Abraham dug wells during his life time and when he died the Philistines had stopped them and filled them with earth. Water was a scarce commodity and back then, wells were of great importance to them because of the great famine. According to Genesis 26:18, the Bible tells us that God commanded Isaac to sojourn in Gerar and Isaac dug the wells of water Abraham had dug. The herdmen of Gerar strive with Isaac’s herdmen. Anytime a new well was dug, there was strive, hatred, opposition, and contention that made Isaac to abandon the well. Isaac never gave up. They dug yet another well and another and named it Rehoboth, meaning “now the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land” (Genesis 26:22).

Isaac’s well was a physical well which provided water for them to drink, but our spiritual well; is our well being, well of joy and peace. When God says to us “it is well with us” and the enemy comes and pour sand inside, that’s wickedness on our destiny. When the enemy, adversary, or opposition comes our way like the opposition Isaac was faced with, we tend to give up quickly and sometimes when our breakthrough is not forth coming we lose hope easily. God is saying to you and I to have courage, persevere, remember His promise, and to know that His grace is sufficient for us. When His presence is with us, nothing is too difficult for God to do, regardless of the economy, opposition, and contention from the enemy; He will bless and make us fruitful.

When we drink water from the physical well, we will still be thirsty; but as children of God if we drink the water Jesus has to offer us , we will never be thirsty again. Jesus is offering us that water that will quench our thirst forever and He will give us the water that will become in us, a spring of water welling up to eternal life (John 4:14). As Christians, when we focus on Jesus, He will make room for us, make us fruitful, and have victory over our adversaries and enemies. For those yet to surrender their lives to Jesus, this is not negotiable, do so now, tomorrow might be too late. DO IT NOW! 

PRAY THIS PRAYER; in the name of Jesus, I repent of my sins, come into my heart and I will make You my Lord and Saviour. Have a blessed weekend. Shalom!!!


🙏 O God arise, terminate every opposition to my breakthrough, in the name of Jesus.

🙏 Every opposition to my breakthroughs and blessings, your time is up, scatter, by the power in the Blood of Jesus, in Jesus’ name.

🙏 Every embargo on my well of inheritance, expire now, in the name of Jesus.

🙏 Wicked opposition, satanic contention against my destiny, scatter, in the name of Jesus.


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